Episode #26 Confederate Historiography with Robert Baumgartner

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I will talk about history books all freakin' day. This is why I am especially happy to welcome Bob to the show. I noticed recently that he was giving a talk on three significant authors and their contributions to Confederate historiography...so naturally, I had to have him on the show. Under the microscope today: Douglas Southall Freeman, T. Harry Williams, and C. Vann Woodward. 

Of course, we discuss Freeman's R. E. Lee: A Biography and Lee's Lieutenants. We also take on Williams's P.G.T. Beauregard: Napoleon in Gray and Lincoln and His Generals and Woodward's Origins of the New South and The Strange Career of Jim Crow

But that's not all...we get down to brass tacks on:

  • The "stream of consciousness of history"

  • Accessibility in historical writing

  • Those writers who (may or may not) worship their subjects

  • Confederate history and the Civil War centennial

  • The legacy of the Confederate war in 20th-century historiography

  • Challenging existing conventions in mid-century Civil War history

  • How our subjects have stood the test of time

And I always like to get at least one book recommendation from my guests...Bob obliges with two:

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