Episode #28 Kick-Ass Oregon History with Doug Kenck-Crispin

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Taking history to the streets. Why the hell not. I mean, what better way to learn about the past than by going to check it out in person? Maybe grab a beer? Maybe talk some smack? Count me in 100%. There are few things more tantalizing to yours truly that getting together with the public and walking in the footsteps of those who made history. Doug and I see eye to eye on this. This is what history is about. Let’s get it! 

We discuss: 

  • Charles A. Moose - Portland's first black police chief

  • The history of Kick-Ass Oregon History...what they do and why they do it

  • Public history: the virtues (hint - there are many...and if you don't think so, you may be confused)

  • Walking tours - that deal with vice. Yes, that's right. And cocktails are included


And as you all know I always ask my guests for book recommendation, Doug obliges with three! All dealing with the history of the Pacific Northwest - Oregon for the Curious by Ralph Friedman, Same Sex Affairs: Constructing and Controlling Homosexuality in the Pacific Northwest by Peter Boag, and Astoria by Peter Stark.

You can find Doug on the Kick-Ass Oregon History website - he is gearing up for a talk at the Labor Temple Bar in Astoria on May 5, 2018 and the Hungover in Astoria tour on May 6, 2018...if you're nearby, you'll want to check these out. And finally, you can connect with Doug on all the usual social media suspects: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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