The Real Rebel Yell

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 9.43.49 AMThe other day I posted videos capturing the recreation of and the story behind the recreation of the infamous Rebel yell. I think that all in all this was a laudable effort to resuscitate a war cry that had long ago faded into history. Several people on the usual social media suspects commented their approval. But at least one person seemed incensed by this recreation. This individual suggested that it is quite impossible to recreate the yell out of the context of actual war. In many ways I must agree - the gentlemen reenacting the yell during a modern-day bayonet charge are out for a good time. No one is shooting at them, no one is dying. Fair enough. But I think that the reenactors provided a close approximation. Another reader pointed me to a film clip of actual Confederate veterans (now quite elderly) yelling their hearts out.  Take note that the authentic yells are eerily similar to the modern day version. Of course, no one is shooting at the veterans either - these old timers seem to be having a fine time entertaining their audience. What do you think?  

With compliments, Keith

PS - I think it's funny when people put clips up on Youtube and call them "rare."'s on Youtube. How rare can it be?