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A Comprehensive Curriculum Guide for The War Outside My Window

The questions and other activities in this comprehensive guide are challenging to be sure, but what better way is there to teach the Civil War than by challenging students to think about perspective and to negotiate some of the more uncomfortable issues with primary sources?

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What's New for the Henry A. Allen Letters...

What I find particularly unique here in the world of edited collections of Civil War letter (there are tons available) is that since this is a digital project, I can add new information when it becomes available, provide recommended readings for all the latest studies as they are published, and revise when necessary.

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Engaging the Human Experience at Gettysburg

This year I am dialing up the human element. The plan: each student will be assigned a specific soldier with some accompanying background about that person’s life: where they were from, what they did in the civilian world, their family…whatever personal information is available (they’ll get a trading card and everything).

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