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What We Can Learn from Historical Artifacts

…historical artifacts help us understand nuance and complexity. They help us see history through the eyes of individual historical actors. They help us understand perspective and motivation. In short…I find it profoundly instructive to - from time to time - step away from written texts and lectures (though I love to hear myself talk) to focus on individuals and material culture.

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Jeffry Wert Finds Victory Behind the Lines in Civil War Barons

Jeffry Wert’s Isoroku Yamamoto-esque “sleeping giant” metaphor certainly works, but only because he couples it with a review of the individuals who had the determination and the foresight to use what they had before them.

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Emancipating Lincoln - Holzer Hits the Mark

Holzer’s analysis illustrates Lincoln’s political cunning, intentional obfuscation, and deliberate planting of information in order to finesse the notion of emancipation for an uneasy citizenry. Emancipating Lincoln offers some surprising conclusions, suggesting that Lincoln’s image as emancipator was longer coming than we might have previously imagined. 

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