Social Media Discourse

I have some of the best conversations with people on social media,  especially on Twitter and Instagram. These talks can be very productive, whether or not folks agree with what I have to say. In fact, I find debate and discussion so helpful that I offered my sincere thanks to my social media following for the collaborative efforts that resulted in my book on Civil War veterans. But - there is another side of this coin - the trolls...particularly in our current political climate. They seem to be appearing in greater numbers than ever these days. The conversation generally goes like this:

  • Call something with which you disagree or do not understand "fake"
  • Get asked to explain yourself but have nothing of substance to offer
  • Rant incoherently about "liberals"

Have a look at this recent exchange on my Instagram feed after I promoted a Podcast episode that involved gender topics. I've blacked out the instigator's Insta handle because....well just because.

So my friends, if you would like to discuss gender studies, let's go for it. But please for the love of all things holy - try to bring some common sense and intelligence to the table.