Henry A. Allen's Last Letter of 1864

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As we close out 2018 (what a year!!!!!) and welcome in 2019 (come at me, bro), I offer Henry A. Allen’s last letter to his wife for the year 1864. It’s Christmas, and Capt. Allen is none too pleased. And why would he be? He has clearly grown weary of his life in a Union prisoner of war camp…and his frustration is kinda glaring. He can’t seem to get people to do what he wants. This experience has without question diminished his role as the head of his family. And he closes on a sad note - wishing everyone a happy Christmas by describing his holiday dinner of dry bread. You can check out the letter HERE - and listen to it read by yours truly on the Henry A. Allen podcast. Be sure and subscribe and binge-listen to the whole lot :)

And…Happy New Year!!