Yours Truly

Greetings all.

My name is Keith Harris and I live in Hollywood, California with my wife, Coni Constantine, and and bunch of “foster fail” rescue cats. I am a historian, a teacher, a runner, social media juggernaut, and an animal rights advocate. I received my BA at the University of California at Los Angeles (summa cum laude thank you very much) and my Ph.D. at the University of Virginia where I specialized in nineteenth-century American history with a special emphasis on the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the era of Reconciliation. My first book, Across the Bloody Chasm: the Culture of Commemoration Among Civil War Veterans ,is available from the Louisiana State University Press. I am currently researching the making of the controversial silent film The Birth of a Nation.

For years I hosted the popular Civil War Era blog, Cosmic America. Having run its course – and in the process lost much of its initial focus – I decided to close that chapter of my Internet life and reapply my efforts with a fresh new project. For more on what all of this actually means, just check out my Mission statement.

I am an avid supporter of social media as a means to encourage public history and historical discourse among people from all places and all walks of life. You can find me on the usual suspects – just click the links below. I encourage questions, criticism (of the constructive variety….calling me an idiot doesn’t count), and comments of (almost) all sorts.

With compliments,