Episode #20 Art as Iconoclast with Dara Vance



Greetings citizens!! I am thrilled to have Dara on the show – she is a Ph.D. Candidate in history at the University of Kentucky, former producer of the Long Story Short podcast, and a really really talented artist. We have some fun discussing the way Dara’s most recent art project dovetails with her work as a historian – and how it is the result of interactions with other historians on social media…challenging ideas of gender and diversity. We touch on some pretty non-traditional ideas about history and how we can present it in the classroom, AND get to why historians should analyze the significance of design elements in their primary sources. Good stuff! And really outside the box. So listen up.

We discuss:

  • A different approach to an advanced degree
  • The Sunshine State
  • Art challenging ideas of gender and diversity
  • Social Media (ummm…Twitter, especially) and scholarly interactions
  • Teaching historians how to analyze visuals IN primary sources

So check it y’all. Dara has some really great advice for history students at all levels of education…for real – words of wisdom. AND suggests we all go have a look at Oh Brother, Where Art Thou – the Cohen Brothers’ masterpiece. Finally, she offers three books that should be read in sequence, to get a feel for “southernness”, as it were: Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, and Timothy Tyson’s Blood Done Sign my Name. So you had better get to it. And…scroll down to check out some of Dara’s most recent digital work – and ponder the ideas we discuss on the show. And remember, be sure to follow Dara on Twitter and check out her blog Florida Superlative.



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  1. You don’t need to worry about history websites disappearing. The internet will take care of that problem itself. All webites will eventually get lost in the void unless you migrate the information or keep somebody working on them.

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